A Clever Man By The Name Of Saul Bass Once Said That ‘Design Is Thinking Made Visual’ And He Was Right

Of course he was right. He was probably the most successful graphic designer to ever work in the film industry.
Bass created sequences and posters for a long list of famous movies, including The Shining, Schindler’s List and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Along the way, he also built brand logos for such luminaries as American Airways, Geffen Records and the Bell Telephone Company (before it became AT&T).

He even designed a postage stamp.

Bass was one of the first people to understand the power of design as a marketing tool. He became world famous for his ability to communicate feelings and thoughts in the blink of an eye.

His use of imagery, shapes, colour and typography helped change the way businesses and movie studios present their products. It also allowed audiences to feel emotionally attached, in ways they never had previously.

Bass died in 1996, long before the digital age really kicked in. But his simple yet powerful style is still regarded as design 101 for marketers throughout the western world.

fmadmin, 2017 Focused Marketing