It IS easy being green!

by Kasey Rainbow, Administration Assistant

There is no denying that the world is forever changing. With recent events and the increasingly common debates around climate change, it is hard to ignore. We see so many people making grand gestures to help the environment, but sometimes, the smallest changes can have the biggest effect.

Here at Focused Marketing, we are big believers in being as environmentally friendly as possible. Here’s a few of our favourite tips on how you can make your workplace eco-friendlier:

  1. Put away the paper.
    Boasting about a paperless office is a lot harder than it seems. But taking the steps to using less paper is easy! Start small by emailing where you can and setting up your printer default to double sided.
  2. Consider your commute.
    Depending on where your workplace is located, you may be able to consider different options for your commute to work. Not only will the train or bus potentially save you money, but it also offers health benefits and additional time to catch up on those emails (or even that book you haven’t picked up in a year!)
  3. Eco-friendly office supplies.
    This one can take a bit of creative thinking. There are of course the basics, such as recycled printing paper and rechargeable batteries, but challenge yourself to think of a few more. For example, why not grab some recycled toilet paper and paper towel (these guys are great – Got a coffee machine? Invest in some reusable pods, or at the very least, eco-friendly compostable ones. There are plenty of environmentally friendly options available once you really start looking.
  4. Go green when you clean.
    Whether you clean the office yourself, or hire a professional, investigate the cleaning supplies that are being used. Ditch the harsh chemicals and instead try some natural all-purpose cleaner, such as Koala Eco.
  5. Encourage your employees.
    To make sure you’re on the same page as your team, encourage ways that you can all help together. If you’re in a big office, start a sustainability team – together they can raise awareness and accomplish more. If your office is small in size, encourage your colleagues to make little changes, such as reusable coffee cups and straws and ensure everyone is across your recycling program.

Whilst Kermit may not agree, by simply implementing these few small changes at your home or office, being green really can be easy.

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