Mum’s Wise Words

by the Focused Marketing Team

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some of the wisdom that only mums possess. Whether it be ensuring you always leave the house in clean underwear, or making sure you eat ALL the vegetables, we can all agree on the fact that mother knows best.

The Focused Marketing team took some time this week to reflect on the advice they received from their own mums:

My Mum taught me empathy from a very young age. She always listened, digested and then gave me advice. She taught me to listen. She had a great sense of humour and the warmest laugh. She taught me how to laugh no matter how difficult life can be.
And she definitely taught me (and gave me) the gift of love.
Kerri Eckart – CEO

You can always change the packaging but what’s inside is the part that can be really beautiful or really ugly. I mean, looks fade. Weight loss might just be temporary. Having a good attitude and making sure you’re a kind person? Those are the real qualities that’ll make you shine. And I am happy to say all my kids are kind and caring and basically beautiful.

And as a baker the best things my mother and grandmothers taught me is all written in the CWA cookbook – it’s a passion I share with my daughter too. Baking is my happy place – awful for the waistline but amazing for sanity.
Kristie Fankhauser – Director of Strategic Marketing

One bit of advice my mum gave me when I was younger is one that has truly resonated with me, right through to my adult life. I have always compared myself to others and, being close to my mum, I would often voice this to her. She always came back with the same response – “You only ever compare yourself to those who have more than you. Why don’t you try comparing yourself to those who have less?” I probably didn’t appreciate it much when I was a teenager, but now as a mother myself, it is definitely a life lesson I plan to teach my daughter.
Kasey Rainbow – Administration Assistant

My mum taught me a number of life lessons:
Get up, get organised and get on with life.
Someone is taking their last breath right now and wishing they could have another minute.
Life is a gift. Be kind to yourself, and others.
Sandy Holmes – Account Executive

The best advice my mother has ever given me is something she tells me on the daily, “Just breathe”. As silly and small as it might sound, it’s something you sometimes forget and from experience it truly helps you through any situation. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or lost and confused I remember what Mum always says… to stop, take a minute and just breathe.
Breanna Fenton – Marketing Cadet

She taught me that it’s okay to show emotion – Well, she had no idea that she did this really…you see, she was quite a strong woman who didn’t readily show her softer side.  In a weird way, this lack of ability to show emotion had the reverse effect on me.  I turned out to be almost over-emotional & highly sensitive.  I wouldn’t want it any other way now. I guess I have her to thank for that?
She taught me the power of looking good to feel better – For as long as I can remember, my mum wore lippy and spent time on her hair – almost 24/7! She always made sure my uniform (and my hair) was brushed before I left for school. To this day, I live, breathe and teach the philosophy of looking good/feeling better.
Alison Triffett – Administration Assistant

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