My Life As An Intern

The fast paced atmosphere that you breath in when you walk through Focused Marketing’s white door is extremely motivating. Watching the creative, passionate and highly skilled team ‘making it happen’ (the agency’s tagline) is exciting for a student. It encourages me to want to learn more and work hard.

Coming into to an office as an intern, after three and a half years of studying is a relief. I can finally translate my studies into something that I can put into practice. Also I can diminish the fear I have of working in the ‘real world’, there’s only such much knowledge the QUT university for the real world can prepare you for.

The welcoming Focused team has been showing me how it all comes together. A total of eight days over four weeks as an intern has taught me a plethora of skills that vary from what I’ve learnt at university. The Focused team have helped me to identify areas of marketing that I enjoy. The overall experience so far has been an exciting journey and has helped break down the huge barrier that sits between university and work life.

I highly recommend doing an internship is imperative as it allows students to gain real world experience and understand the dynamic of an office.

fmadmin, 2017 Focused Marketing