One Piece Of The Puzzle

Stressed. Fearful. Full of self-doubt. Unsure of my study choices. Questioning where I was in life.

Just part of the emotional rollercoaster I experienced nearing completion of my Bachelor degree.

I had no idea of where I wanted to go or how to get there.

Once I decided to undertake a Masters, I placed a bet with myself that upon completing this second degree, I would have landed a full-time role within the marketing industry.

And it happened!

One of the things I honestly believe this was attributed to was having a mentor.

Someone to look up to. To be encouraged by. To be inspired by. To guide me through these first (and scary) steps into the wide world of full time work.

I was lucky enough to be placed with a mentor who not only guided me through the hurdles of landing my first full time role, but also recommended self-reflection and self-awareness.

One of the greatest pieces of advice he passed on to me was to not think of your career as your life but rather a piece of the puzzle. Your life is made up of a whole bunch of pieces that come together to make the big picture.

Work may be a big part, but you can make it anything.

Not only did my mentor help me kick start my career but has also allowed me to open doors I never thought possible.

If there is something you can take from this ramble it is this: as Christopher Robin once said to Winnie The Pooh, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”.


fmadmin, 2017 Focused Marketing