Downer Group Tender

Deliverables: Project management, design, desktop publishing and Copywriting.

The Downer Group employs more than 50,000 people and is one of Australia’s most successful and progressive companies. So winning tenders isn’t just desired, it’s expected. In 2018, a Downer executive contacted Focused Marketing to see if we could assist with a substantial submission document, working to a fairly tight deadline.

After a few scheduling adjustments, we gracefully accepted and got to work. We embedded a writer into the Downer team and began designing a suite of Word documents, folders, slip cases and tab dividers. We oversaw the production process, edited content and wrote a powerful executive summary that described exactly why Downer should be awarded the tender.

With the key elements of the submission documents now in place, we’ve since scaled back our involvement to just providing support with infographics, CVs, case studies and executive summaries.