Focused Marketing

Deliverables: logo, business cards, website, stationery, tender documents, signage.

Focused Marketing launched in 2006.

Back then, the company’s distinctive brand colour was purple, with marketing collateral designed to project trust and authenticity. But by 2016 it was time to update our image, so we started picking apart our brand identity to get to the heart of who we are.

Here’s the simple truth we uncovered: the Focused Marketing team is made up of highly skilled and very unique individuals who bring their own distinct experience to the business. This became the narrative of a story we wanted to tell using simple design and bold pantone colours.

First we grouped the divisions of Focused Marketing into two categories; creative (represented by red and orange) and process (blue and green). This allowed us to develop a colour palette for each employee, while reinforcing our roles within the company. What made the concept particularly satisfying is that when you mix them all together you get purple (our original colour palette).

Our logo was then redesigned using a unique font and presented in black and white to characterise a blank canvas where we all come together to paint great masterpieces.

We relaunched the business in January 2017, with a new website and a full suite of branded materials.