HiFlow Industries

Deliverables: strategy, visual identity, logo, business cards and stationery, website design and content, tender documents, signage, logo style guide.

HiFlow is an amazing Australian success story. The business was launched in 2007 by Brett Saunders, a Brisbane-based air-conditioning tradesman with exceptional talent and a bucket load of determination.

It took Brett less than 10 years to grow HiFlow from a one-man local operation into one of his industry’s leading service providers.

When Focused Marketing was introduced to the business, Brett employed more than 100 staff and was busy expanding into every corner of Australia.

So it was time for a change.

In the early days, branding wasn’t a top priority for Brett. His wife created a logo, they chose colours together and public image decisions were made as needs arose.

But as the business grew, it became obvious that a more cohesive, unifying strategy was needed to take HiFlow to the next level.

Brett engaged Focused Marketing to help establish a new identity for his rapidly expanding empire.

HiFlow’s new logo needed to be instantly recognisable. It had to communicate the core business proposition while also lending itself to a wide range of marketing channels.

To achieve this, we presented a neutral font, simplified the wording and integrated HiFlow’s most recognisable brand image… the three-airwave symbol.

Placing the symbol inside the letter O described HiFlow’s key area of expertise; controlling air in enclosed spaces.

Brett is the face of HiFlow, so giving him a strong business card was essential. But we didn’t just want it to look good; we also wanted it to feel amazing.

We selected 340gsm recycled paper with a textured finish to add depth and warmth to the presentation.

A full range of stationery, brochures and tender templates meant that Brett was able to communicate the values of his business better than ever before.

And he’s ready to take on the next 10 years.

When HiFlow’s fleet of rebranded vehicles hit the streets, the company brand was popping up everywhere.

Now things were really rolling along.