OPEC Systems

Deliverables: Full colour brochures, infographics, posters, soft copy documents.

It’s not over reaching to call the people at OPEC geniuses. Their minds work on a different level, developing new systems that are so complicated they give the rest of us a headache.

As the company’s go-to for brochure production, our role is to communicate their lofty ideas using simple design and clear, unambiguous language.

Over the years we’ve created a range of documents, but the one we tackled in 2017 was by far the most complex. You see, those clever souls had invented a safe and efficient way of removing toxins from soil and were about to launch their solution into the global market.


The idea was still in development, so we were handed some scribbled diagrams and a list of bullet points that may as well have been written in Greek.

Over the course of two months, we designed and refined the proposition in the format of an eight-page brochure until it was so simple, even we could understand it.


We then turned the main diagrams into posters, which the OPEC team now use for training purposes. We also supplied soft copies of the document to make online communications easy.

A truly satisfying project for everyone involved.