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Tender Submission Review

Want to know how your tender document scores and if you are making any critical errors? Have our CEO, Kerri assess a recent tender submission and find out.

Simply provide the original Request for Tender (RFT) along with your response, and Focused Marketing will provide feedback on the first 20 pages of your submission – detailing what’s missing, areas for improvement and useful insights to make your next submission stand out.


Only available as a special offer if purchased prior to Friday, 31 August 2020.

After attending one of Kerri’s Tender workshops we had her review one of our previous tenders. Not only did she mark-up the document from an evaluators perspective, providing thought-provoking and constructive feedback, she followed up with a one-on-one meeting and happily went through page by page with me, giving me the opportunity to clarify any questions I had.

We were able to implement the changes immediately and our tender quality has increased significantly, resulting in positive feedback from clients through the tender review/feedback process.

Jay Howland

General Manager (Energy & Enviro Division), OPEC Systems

Kerri Eckart


For the last 14 years Kerri has owned Focused Marketing, a Brisbane based agency with a 90% bid win rate. 

Specialising in tenders, she has helped win more than $15 billion worth of tenders on projects including, the $800 million South Road Superway in Adelaide and the $1.3 billion Regional Rail Link in Melbourne.


Having previously been in a position of strength when it came to our tenders, the increase in competition and the change in tender requirements meant we were no longer getting the success we were used to.

Approaching Focused Marketing for a tender review resulted in professional advice about the opportunities we were missing that were affecting our outcomes.

I found the tender review process a fast and affordable investment that allowed us to be more competitive with a professional image and clear messaging.

Sam Kolbee

Business Support Coordinator, PCYC

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