What’s Your Mum’s Superpower?

Mums are pretty special. They know us better than anyone.  They are wise, they know what we are thinking before we even think it, and they know how to make everything better. It’s a highly subjective topic but the vast majority of us think our mum is the best mum, including everyone at Focused Marketing! We have put our heads together to work out what exactly it is that makes our mums special by sharing each of their unique ‘superpowers’.


My Mum’s superpower was her laughter. It could be heard 100kms away and was so embarrassing in public spaces  (I now do this to my kids). If she was laughing, the whole world was laughing, sometimes at her, which made her giggle more.

Kerri Eckart, CEO


My Mum has an innate ability to make every around her feel special and important. She is always doing things for others and even in these times when she can’t get out and about, she is making and sending care packages to my kids (her grandkids) all the time.

She always has time for a chat and always lends you an ear and her shoulder. As someone who does so much for her community not being able to get out and help people is a real struggle for her right now.

Kristie Fankhauser, Director of Strategic Marketing


My mother-in-law’s superpower is her ability to be so helpful and caring, not only with her five children but her five in-law children as well. She’s the best mother I know 😊

Casey Arden, Marketing and Communications Consultant


My mother’s superpower is strength, support and stability. She remains calm even in the face of an epidemic. She was the first to take action in our family and this has kept us all safe. She is always appreciated and forever loved.

Niki Contese, Graphic Designer


My Mum’s superpower is showing warmth and kindness. We’re all in this together and she is fantastic at being optimistic, supportive, and seeing the best in people. She’s amazing at listening and is always there for me.

Tracy Dale, Marketing & Administration Assistant


My mum’s superpower is being unashamedly herself. She makes no adjustments for anyone and is always 100% her. She will impart wisdom (sometimes unsolicited), share jokes (appropriate or not), make as much noise as she likes, dance when she desires, have as many wines as she pleases and dispense love without bounds. Her philosophy is love me or leave me, and she has absolutely no qualms when people pick the ‘leave me’ option!

Jordenne Swaby, Marketing Consultant


Take today to think about what your mum’s superpower is…and make sure you share it with her!

fmadmin, 2020 Focused Marketing