Why Accountability Is Good For The Soul

As we develop as a team and improve the way we do business, accountability plays a huge role in determining whether we achieve success or not.But as we have been learning, accountability is different from responsibility.

Responsibilities can be shared, so for example keeping our office space tidy is something we all need to be actively involved in.

But accountability is where the buck stops.
It is entirely focused on results rather than process and it cannot be shared no matter how hard you try. It means accepting that nobody else is going to pick up the pieces after you, or explain why a project failed to achieve the results you desired.

It’s knowing that washing up the spoon you’ve just used is down to you and you alone. It’s accepting that the call you said you were going to make will not happen unless you pick up the phone and start dialling.

But most of all it’s about respecting and acknowledging the expectations of your clients and colleagues, who all have their own challenges and account-abilities to deal with.

For some, accountability is a terrifying concept. That’s because it requires a level of honesty many are uncomfortable with. Being accountable means putting your hand up if something goes wrong, not just when it goes right.

But those that embrace accountability are more likely to expand their knowledge and improve the way they operate at work or at home. Far from being demonized for shortfalls, they tend to receive greater respect and support from those around them.

And they get results.

fmadmin, 2017 Focused Marketing