Finding your 
brand focus

Focused Marketing - Coloured Squares

A five step process to positioning your brand

This professional branding and marketing session provides you with guidance and tips on how to position your brand and stand out from the crowd. It follows a five step process enabling you to clearly articulate what you do, who your target audience is and ultimately improve confidence and sales conversations.

In this webinar Caitlin will help you:

  • Learn how to focus on your brand position, enabling you to discover your ‘win zone’.
  • Discover how to clearly articulate what you do
  • Explore the value of your brand positioning

20 minutes

Caitlin Dillon


Caitlin is an experienced brand, marketing, and communications professional. She has worked in a broad range of industries that make her particularly well suited to consulting, assisting companies to grow and feel proud of their work.

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