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Design and marketing made simple

Marketing success hinges on nurturing your audience and cultivating brand awareness and growth. Building trust only happens through authentic engagement, positive interactions, and consistency.

Our marketing specialists and designers work closely with you to create and implement powerful brands, marketing strategies, websites and tender submissions based on what’s right for you.

At Focused Marketing, we specialise in organic growth through valuable content that positions you as an expert in your industry. This practical, down to earth approach ensures you get the most out of your marketing channels and investments.

We are a boutique agency offering diverse skills and expertise. Our dynamic team partners with you to provide a cost effective solution that will outperform the capabilities of an in-house marketing manager.

Marketing Strategy

We’ll help your business establish a successful marketing plan, focusing on brand strategy, customer journey, marketing campaigns, and communication strategy.

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Digital Marketing

Whether you need a digital marketing campaign, social media strategy, or content marketing strategy we use our digital expertise to extend the organic reach of your business online.

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Design and Branding

Our design team are experts at creating powerful visual communications that stimulate action. Our extensive portfolio includes brand identity, logo design, presentations, and video production.

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Our copywriters are expert storytellers and know how to turn a good idea into great content. They’ll create a powerful narrative for your brand, with words that are engaging and informative.

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Tender Submissions

A successful tender submission can change a business forever. That’s why it’s essential you get it right. Our tender specialists have a 90% track record when it comes to winning contracts.

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Website Design

Our specialised team design and develop beautiful, robust websites that simply work in driving traffic (SEO), engaging your audience and achieving new enquiries and clients to your business.

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