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Your company website is a great platform to communicate with your clients and promote your products and services with your target audience. But often it is designed and built, then forgotten about, left to sit at the bottom of your priority list. 

Commissioning a website audit every 6-12 months will ensure your website is performing well and is effective at meeting your business objectives and targets.   

Why perform a website audit?

The purpose of a website audit is to evaluate the performance of your webpages before implementing extensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategies or redesigning the website. Through this process, you can assess whether your website is optimised enough to meet your traffic objectives and gain insights into areas of improvement necessary to achieve those goals.

Benefits of a website audit?

  • You can ensure your website is up-to-date, responsive and performing well. 
  • You can compare your website to your competitors.
  • You can improve your search engine performance (SEO).
  • You can optimise your conversion rates.
  • You can identify any issues early.



You have only 7 seconds to capture someone’s attention on your website!


What our website audit includes

A Focused Marketing Website Review includes a personalised detailed report on why your website isn’t converting and how you can improve it.

Our team of marketing and design experts will access your website in its current state and review the following:

  • Your website’s messaging, hierarchy of information and visual branding
  • Opportunities to improve the user experience
  • A technical assessment of your website (SEO)
  • Opportunities to increase your conversion rate
  • What your competitors are doing better, and how you can learn from them
  • A report of any issues, recommendations and quick wins where you can make small changes to achieve big results.

By taking the guesswork out of where to start, you can focus on the key areas of improving your website.


I recently had a review done of my website by Focused Marketing and was so glad I did!

They were quick, efficient and shared some valuable information with me that I implemented straight away. In our current world, your digital presence is worth a lot, and I could not recommend a website review more.

Kasey Rainbow

Owner and Professional Designer, Kasey Rainbow Designs

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