What We Do.

Our mission is simple.

To provide no nonsense marketing solutions driven by our intuitive creativity and based on sharing knowledge, inspiring action and telling stories.


Our Values.

At Focused Marketing, everything we do revolves around working effectively with our clients. We are approachable and down to earth, we are genuinely interested in your business, we are focused on you.

Be Real – We insist on being honest with our clients.  We build trust because we are sincere, genuine and natural. For us it is about individuality.  Our values are built around always displaying integrity, practicality, humility and credibility.

Be Thoughtful – We are all different. We believe success is achieved by being polite, attentive, tolerant, balanced, inspired, respectful, kind and warm.

Be Committed – We love what we do and we see marketing at the heart of growing and improving business. We know this takes courage, energy, sincerity and enthusiasm in all we do. In our work and relationships with our clients and each other, we are involved, rigorous, determined and emotionally connected.  We believe this results in successful projects and satisfied clients.

Be Connected – We are proud of the relationships we build with our clients, suppliers and our team. We view projects from a team perspective. This means we work together,  we persevere. We value teamwork, dignity and respect. We like to celebrate success and ensure we are present.

Be Bold – We don’t want to be like everybody else. Our approach is different, and we think outside the box. In order to be bold, we also need courage, humour and daring. We are open minded, energetic, nimble and brave in looking at our clients through a focused lens. We get results by being positive and fearless.