There are plenty of terms ‘bouncing’ around that may not make sense or resonate with you, but bounce rate is one you should pay attention to.

What does it mean?
Bounce rate is a measure of how many people visit your website and don’t interact with any aspect of the page they land on – they haven’t clicked any links, navigated to other pages on your site or even hit ‘read more’ on a blog post. They have landed on your site, and seemingly left immediately without engaging with your content.

A high bounce rate can mean any number of things, some more serious than others. It may simply mean that the visitor was able to glean all the information they required on the page they landed on, or it may mean they ended up on your site by accident and were actually looking for something else. More seriously, it may mean that there is no relevant or engaging content worth interacting with, or your website is either too slow to load or simply does not work.

Where does it come from?
You can locate your bounce rate in Google Analytics, and it is calculated by dividing the number of zero interaction sessions with the total number of sessions (or individual visits to your site).

How can I fix it?
That is where Focused Marketing comes in! We will conduct a comprehensive website review on your behalf, analysing six key areas which will result in a detailed report and a checklist of items requiring attention. Our website review covers the following areas:

  1. USER EXPERIENCE– Those visiting your website should have a positive experience with no difficulty navigating around the site.
  2. BRANDING– Can they recognise your brand throughout the site?
  3. SEO– Is your website ranking well on Google?
  4. CREDIBILITY– Is your content professional, believable and trustworthy compared to your competitors?
  5. CONVERSION– Is your website targeting the right customers or clients, and are they following through to purchase?
  6. MOBILE RESPONSIVENESS– It is important to ensure your website performs well across all platforms. It is important that the layout of your site adjusts to fit the size of any screen your site is displayed on.

Ready to get started? Simply complete our online form and you’ll receive your detailed report within 48 hours of us receiving payment, which includes a recommended action plan and checklist so you can focus on the key areas of website improvement, ensuring your business is putting its best foot forward online.