Most of the world, now confined to their homes, are leaning on the internet more than ever. Be it online shopping, media consumption, webinars, eLearning or business services, one thing is for certain; we are spending more time online now than ever before – where else do we have to go!?

For many businesses, their website is now their shopfront/reception desk/entire business. With all your eggs now firmly in one basket – exactly how secure is that basket? Is it woven tightly enough to ensure your customers travel the whole way through your sales funnel without slipping through the gaps?

Not sure where to start? That is where Focused Marketing comes in. We’ve identified key ‘gaps’ where websites could potentially be losing customers. With our website review, you will receive a customised report on your website’s performance along with a checklist of tasks to complete to bring your website back up to scratch.

Our review includes a comprehensive analysis of the following six criteria

  1. USER EXPERIENCE– Those visiting your website should have a positive experience with no difficulty navigating around the site.
  2. BRANDING– Can they recognise your brand throughout the site?
  3. SEO– Is your website ranking well on Google?
  4. CREDIBILITY– Is your content professional, believable and trustworthy compared to your competitors?
  5. CONVERSION– Is your website targeting the right customers or clients, and are they following through to purchase?
  6. MOBILE RESPONSIVENESS– It is important to ensure your website performs well across all platforms. It is important that the layout of your site adjusts to fit the size of any screen your site is displayed on.

Discover how to improve your website today with an affordable and personalised website assessment from Focused Marketing.

Simply complete our online form and you’ll receive your detailed report within 48 hours of us receiving payment, which includes a recommended action plan and checklist so you can focus on the key areas of website improvement, ensuring your business is putting its best foot forward online.

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