There’s only one thing better than ogling at big brand marketing campaigns – ogling at THEMED big brand marketing campaigns! In the spirit of spooky season, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Halloween themed campaigns.

KFC Australia – Cursed Colonel
In 2019, KFC Australia partnered with Menulog to add an additional menu item – ‘trick or treat’. Selecting this menu item meant that your order would be delivered by a Cursed Colonel; a driver dressed as a zombie version of the KFC icon.

Koala Mattress – A Ghoulish ‘Easter egg’
Everyone loves an Easter egg; that hidden piece of content or quirk that people have to really pay attention to notice. Koala used this concept and gave it a spooky spin by hiding a series of Easter eggs on their site in the form of some spooky photoshopping. Customers were tasked with identifying the correct number of spooky Easter eggs that had been added to the Koala website in order to win a prize.





Burger King – the ghost of McDonald’s
We have recently had the pleasure of watching the age-old Hungry Jack’s vs McDonalds battle play out on Australian shores with the introduction of the ‘Big Jack’ burger. This long-standing feud is always accompanied by some cheeky advertising tactics and it is a delight to watch it play out.

In 2016, a Burger King in Queens, New York dressed itself up as the ghost of McDonald’s with a sign on the billboard reading “Boooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween”. The home-made costume look even plays into Burger King/Hungry Jack’s default move of the underdog.






Less cheeky and far more wholesome, Chobani ran a campaign with adorable pups dressed in Halloween costumes enjoying their yoghurt ‘treat’. Check out the not at all spooky video here!

Pepsi – risqué costumes
In similar form to Burger King, Pepsi ran a campaign in 2013 where they dressed up a Pepsi can in a Coca Cola ‘costume’ to “scare” viewers. Cheeky but effective!