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Amplify your marketing strategy with these simple yet effective marketing tactics from the Barbie movie campaign.

Barbie is officially the biggest movie of the year, bringing in a staggering $162m in America and over $330m worldwide in its opening weekend, according to Comscore.

Barbie, the iconic doll that has captured hearts for decades, has cast a spell on audiences worldwide with her sensational movie marketing campaign. The campaign’s success lies in its use of various strategic marketing techniques that, upon closer examination, can be embraced by any business.

From storytelling magic to cultivating a sense of community, here are 6 Barbie movie marketing tactics that can maximise any marketing initiative, regardless of your budget.

1. Create a compelling campaign narrative to drive engagement

To drive engagement, it is essential to prioritise storytelling over simple product/service promotion. Taking a more holistic approach, considering the overall experience and how each touchpoint can build a narrative will ensure a lasting impression on your target audience.

To do this, identify key strategic milestones in your marketing strategy and leverage your marketing activities and resources to build anticipation over your campaign period. Consider sneak peaks, teasers, and “easter eggs” to create excitement and drive curiosity.

Through the strategic timing of these moments, you can maximise your campaign messages and return on investment (ROI).

2. Tailor your marketing messages to your audience segments

In addition to creating a compelling narrative, gain a thorough understanding of each of your audience segments and tailor your marketing messages, channels, and efforts.

Effective audience segmentation requires thorough research, data analysis, and a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, so be sure to pay close attention to these.

Through audience segmentation, you can identify key segments that will drive a greater return on investment, as well as personalise their experience and ultimately achieve better results.

3. Integrate multi-channel marketing and new technology

The Barbie movie campaign employed a multi-channel marketing approach to maximise its impact. Leveraging traditional advertising methods, including television commercials, billboards, and print media, significant exposure was generated amongst both children and parents.

Additionally, the campaign embraced the digital age with a strong online presence, viral social media campaigns, and artificial intelligence including an online poster generator.

The Barbie movie marketing campaign focused on creating immersive experiences that extended beyond the cinema screen, including a free boat cruise party and Barbie’s Dreamhouse. This integration allowed the brand to connect with its audience wherever they were, fostering engagement and excitement around the movie. These initiatives not only encouraged fan engagement but also promoted user-generated content and social sharing, overall expanding the campaign’s digital footprint.

4. Promote strategic partnerships and collaborations

Understanding the significance of strategic partnerships, Barbie’s collaborative approach sparked a global sensation. Barbie collaborated with over 100 international brands including Barbie-themed ice creamroller skates, and a Barbie Xbox. Partnering with recognisable brands and influencers not only enhanced the movie campaign reach and exposure, but also promoted a higher level of prestige and relevancy for the brand.

Look for strategic partnerships and collaborations that align with your brand and share similar values to extend your reach and target new audiences.

5. Evoke emotion and create a sense of community

Create content that encourages conversation. Offer unique perspectives, valuable insights, or entertaining experiences, to capture the attention of your audience. Engage with your audience by creating a sense of community. Host discussions, reply to comments, invite user-generated content and interactive elements.

The Barbie campaign amplified key social trends and topics including diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment. Fans were encouraged to share their Barbie stories, submit ideas, and engage in contests through social media platforms e.g. Barbie-core, #BarbieSummer.

This highly interactive approach not only generated excitement but also fostered a community of loyal and engaged Barbie enthusiasts, further amplifying the campaign’s message and impact.

6. Leverage the power of your brand

Barbie has a long-standing legacy as an icon of fashion, beauty, and empowerment for girls. The campaign capitalised on this by maintaining the core brand values and traditional brand identity, while the movie resonated with modern audiences with its progressive themes around feminism and inclusivity. A sense of nostalgia was created throughout the campaign period, with the brand visuals and references striking a chord with older audiences who fondly recalled the Barbie of their childhood.

What is unique to your brand and what does it stand for? Be authentic and consistent with your brand’s tone of voice and visual identity. Leverage the brand equity you have and amplify this across your marketing strategy.

Did you know… “Barbie” is estimated to have had a $150 million marketing budget, according to Variety (The Insider).

And while you may not have a casual $150m at your disposal like Barbie, you can leverage these marketing tactics in your next campaign and enjoy great results.

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