Discover how you can leverage Tourism and Events Queensland’s (TEQ) recently launched strategy: Towards Tourism 2032.

As the Olympic torch tracks its way to Brissy for the 2032 Games, how will you make the most of this exciting opportunity?

“In the case of the 2032 Games, it is possible we will see at least $17 billion of economic and social benefits for Australia, with around $8 billion of that flowing into Queensland.” Westpac Business Bank Chief Economist, Besa Deda,

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) recently launched the TEQ Blueprint to support their Towards Tourism 2032 strategy. This Blueprint aims to position Queensland as the travellers’ destination of choice through bold and globally recognised marketing and events campaigns. These initiatives will drive our Queensland tourism industry towards its goal of a $44 billion-a-year visitor economy.

So, how can you maximise your marketing strategy to leverage these initiatives and benefit from this amazing opportunity?

TEQ’s Five-point plan to guide their Towards Tourism 2032 strategy. Image credit: The TEQ Blueprint

The opportunity for businesses

Businesses have numerous opportunities to capitalise on TEQ’s Blueprint leading up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympics. As the government drives significant investment and strategic campaigning for the Queensland tourism sector, local businesses are well-positioned to harness this momentum for their benefit – and here is how.

8 marketing strategies to drive economic growth for your business

1. Audience segmentation and targeted promotions

The blueprint aims to gain the dominant share of Australia’s domestic holiday market.

Opportunity: Domestic market dominance

This presents an excellent opportunity to focus on attracting local and interstate tourists. Consider segmenting your target audience and developing exclusive packages, special short stay offers, and seasonal promotions for each.

2. International experiences 

With a goal to grow international overnight visitor expenditure to $11 billion, there’s a potential to target international travellers.

Opportunity: International overnight visitor expenditure

Enhance your marketing efforts to reach international audiences. Tailor your products or services to accommodate the needs of international visitors. Consider offering multilingual support, cultural experiences, and amenities that cater to diverse tastes.

3. Local event marketing 

The plan includes building a $2 billion global events calendar.

Opportunity: Global events calendar

Leverage local marketing campaigns, collaborations, and events to highlight the unique experiences, products or services your business offers. If your business is situated in an area that hosts events or has easy access to event venues, position your business as a prime choice for event attendees. Collaborate with event organisers to offer special packages or deals for event participants, to take advantage of the influx of visitors during events.

4. Content marketing 

The blueprint emphasises maximising opportunities in the market by utilising the strength and influence of Queensland’s destinations and industry.

Opportunity: Amplify Queensland’s strengths and destinations

Showcase the unique features of your accommodation that align with the appeal of Queensland’s attractions and landscapes.

5. Incorporate digital marketing & technology 

The focus on delivering cutting-edge, high-impact marketing campaigns provides an opportunity for your business to enhance its online presence and visibility.

Opportunity: Cutting-edge marketing campaigns

Invest in digital marketing strategies, including social media campaigns, search engine optimisation, and engaging content creation. Use storytelling to connect with potential guests and showcase the value of staying at your accommodation.

6. Olympic Games campaigns 

The upcoming Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games offer a unique catalyst for increased global awareness and visitation to Queensland.

Opportunity: Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Consider tailoring your marketing efforts around the excitement of the games. Promote your business as an attractive option for visitors attending the events.

7. Strategic collaborations 

As highlighted in the blueprint, partnerships with both government and industry will be crucial.

Opportunity: Partnerships and collaboration

Collaborate with local tourism boards, event organisers, and other relevant stakeholders to co-promote the destination and enhance the overall visitor experience. Engaging in collaborative efforts can help your accommodation business stand out and attract more visitors.

8. Innovation 

The blueprint emphasises bold and innovative thinking.

Opportunity: Bold and innovative approaches

Consider introducing new amenities, services, or experiences that sets your business apart from others and creates an unique experience for your customers. Embrace sustainability initiatives, technology advancements, and customer-centric innovations that align with the changing preferences of modern day travellers.

Incorporating these marketing strategies into your business initiatives can position you to benefit from the growth potential outlined in TEQ’s blueprint and the Towards Tourism 2032 strategy outcomes. By aligning your marketing efforts with these goals, you can attract a diverse range of guests and contribute to the overall success of Queensland’s visitor economy.

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