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Since the 1980s, Fabtex has been supplying premium upholstery, fabric, leather and vinyl solutions throughout Australia and abroad. 

Focused Marketing was engaged to write copy for their website that focused less on their history and more on the benefits Fabtex provides to their customers.


Focused Marketing researched and wrote the website copy that focuses on the customer’s pain points and how Fabtex offers a simple solution. We’re pleased to say our client was thrilled with our first draft.

Upon loading the new copy onto the website, it was clear there were significant issues with their WordPress website. Speaking with Fabtex, they explained that while it was a new website they’d had nothing but difficulties with the site, in particular the load speed.


After troubleshooting their WordPress website, we found with each problem fixed another would appear in the code.

After discussing with the client, we quickly developed a brand new WordPress website based on the original design and launched the new site and copy seamlessly within two weeks.