It’s difficult to get by or get noticed in business these days without creative marketing. In our everyday lives we’re barraged with marketing, and we encounter a huge number of brands on a daily basis – both consciously and subconsciously. When we’re choosing a specific product or service in a sea of similar offerings, the decision can be overwhelming. Therefore it’s important for brands to communicate their message in a unique and original way. To stand out in an increasingly flooded marketplace, creativity really does count.

A creative brand identity along with creative marketing will leverage your brand and make it stand out among your competitors. Sometimes there’s a fear of being “too” different. However, continuously innovating your marketing is key to capturing and holding your audience’s attention. Besides, who wants to be boring?

Creativity is memorable

If you present the same as all of your competitors, what is going to make the consumer remember you? Creative campaigns create a buzz around your brand. Whether it’s a striking and beautifully executed visual, or a clever and unexpected concept that is a bit cheeky and makes you smile – creative ideas engage the consumer and stick in their mind. Creative strategies distinguish your brand from the rest, creating differentiation and driving brand recognition and recall.

Creativity provokes emotional engagement

By surprising, even delighting the consumer with marketing that stands out, you’re more likely to create an emotional connection. As consumers, we are prone to becoming loyal to a specific brand even when the features of the product or service are equivalent (or sometimes even weaker) than their competition. We form emotional attachments to a brand, driven by associations and affiliations we make with their values. Creative marketing can inspire certain emotions – joy, nostalgia, amusement, excitement – that strengthens our connection with the brand and what it stands for. Playing it safe and relying on formulaic marketing tactics is far less likely to evoke an emotional response and make an impact on your audience.

Creativity makes magic

Creativity generates those magic moments in marketing where the consumer truly resonates with your product or service, and is inspired to take action. It is the magic that boosts performance, recognition and makes your brand memorable. So, how do you make magic? Sometimes it might just be divine inspiration but often, like many things, it’s good old-fashioned time, dedication and hard work. It’s taking the time to invest in the creative process. This often means forming a team for a brainstorm or workshop, in order to piece together seemingly unconnected ideas to form new ones.

Know your brand needs a creative boost but feel like you are lacking inspiration? Give us a call – sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes (or four) to spark that creative drive. But with a step outside the box, some imagination, and maybe even a little magic –  we’ll make it happen.