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There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a powerful platform. There are now over 55 million companies on LinkedIn and 15 million open job listings. LinkedIn boasts 774 million individuals on the platform as well. Whether you’re job hunting or looking to network and expand your connections, boosting your online presence is vital in order to be seen. But how do you achieve this? What can you do right now to boost your online presence on LinkedIn?

The simple and free answer is: engage through comments. (Posting content is obviously another way, but for the purpose of this article I will focus on commenting on other posts). Hashtags also help, and we touch on this in our previous blog: 3 things you may not know about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is just another social platform and with that comes social engagement. It’s a place where people look for connections, for business information, for jobs and for current company news, as well as supporting clients and colleagues in their projects. Engaging with these posts through comments, will organically grow your presence.

How do I do this?

Engage with your clients’ profiles as well as their company profiles – comment on their posts, don’t just hit the like or love button. Get involved!

When you comment on someone else’s post, LinkedIn shows what you’ve liked or written directly to the feeds of the people you are connected with. This raises your profile as more and more people become aware of you on LinkedIn. It’s an awesome chain reaction!

What do I say?

  • Don’t be boring – share your insights and try and engage in the conversation as if you were in a room networking with the person. Say something that people will be interested in, that they will remember, but keep it professional.
  • Are you a thought leader? Offer your thoughts and insights on the topic. Don’t miss out on the opportunity, it’s pretty much a given that the person who posted is wanting people to engage, so they will in turn like or comment back. Bingo, you have a dialogue going that appears in other people’s feeds.
  • Try not to be too pushy or salesy, but don’t be shy in sharing your area of expertise when appropriate. Be memorable without being self-promotional.
  • Aim to add value with your comments. Is someone sharing an issue that you can help with or have overcome. Do you have a solution that worked for you?

If your posts are consistent with quality content, then your engagement will increase.

Top tips to broaden your connections

  • Competitors: Follow some of them. What are they posting, what are they doing well, what are they doing not so well? Learn from this.
  • Clients: Are you following all your clients? Make sure you have a process in place to connect with new clients and follow their company page. Show them support by interacting with them online.
  • Targets: Who would you love to become a client? Follow your targets, follow their company page and comment when appropriate and add value. Help them solve a problem, offer them a solution.

Aim to spend ten minutes a day on LinkedIn to engage and comment, but do it with meaning and thought. And finally enjoy the networking – it’s supposed to be fun, not a chore!

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