Create a pet inclusive workplace: Our 5 benefits of having dogs in the office

Did you know … More than two-thirds of Australian households now own a pet, with dogs accounting for 48% of these.

The benefits of owning a pet are well known. But do these benefits transfer across to the workplace?

On my first day at Focused Marketing, I must admit, I was feeling a bit nervous walking up the stairs. But to my surprise – as I opened the front door, I was greeted by not just one, but TWO adorable fur babies! Winnie, our CEO Kerri’s dachshund, and Dusty, our Marketing Director Caitlin’s Cavoodle, were there to welcome me. And let me say, as a proud pet parent of my own Golden Retriever, Barney, it was an instant connection! I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me. It was such a warm and wonderful welcome to the team.

“I started working at Canva seven years ago, I used to bring my dog in every day. It just felt very natural and added a sense of connection.” Chris Low, the head of Vibe (Canva)

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Here at Focused Marketing, we encourage our team to bring their furry friends into the office on a regular basis and have seen amazing benefits in doing so. Even our clients enjoy a cuddle!


Here are 5 benefits of having dogs in the office that we have personally experienced as a team.

1. Reduce feelings of stress.
Having your dog by your side can reduce feelings of stress especially when faced with a difficult project or deadline. By playing with and petting your pup, you can increase your levels of oxytocin, a stress-reducing hormone, helping you feel more at ease.

2. Improved overall mental wellbeing.
Another huge perk of bringing your pup to work is the overall positive effects on your mental wellbeing. Not only does having a dog in the office promote a sense of connection and foster more social interaction amongst your team, but it can also lead to a boost in your mood and increase in happiness.

3. Pet-powered performance.
Did you know that having dogs in the office can improve collaboration, productivity, and performance? Regular cuddles, playtime and walks outside encourages you and your team to take much needed breaks throughout the day. This will have a positive effect on your team’s overall performance.

4. Attractive place to work.
Creating a pet-friendly workplace can be a huge selling point when it comes to attracting new talent! By promoting a pet-friendly work culture, you can differentiate your company from others and stand out when it comes to recruitment, internal communication, and employee retention strategies.

5. Paw-sitive work culture.
By boosting morale, inclusivity and encouraging social interaction amongst your team members, having dogs into your office can be a simple but effective way to promote a happier and more positive work environment and culture.

Ultimately, bringing your pet to work with depend on your workplace, OH&S policies and procedures, and culture. And having dogs in the office will require some rules and puppy etiquette. But with all things considered, it is such a wonderful experience to share with your team. So, get those tails wagging!


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