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Common Ground

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Common Ground Queensland provides supportive housing solutions for individuals and families at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Common Ground’s services are in high demand and it is important that its clients and local agencies can readily access information online.

Focused Marketing was engaged by Common Ground Queensland to create a visually exciting and user-friendly website, along with new branding tools.


Focused Marketing worked closely with Common Ground Queensland to deconstruct their core values in order to better understand the organisation’s role within the community. This process not only informed the design elements but also ensured that considerable emphasis was placed upon the usability of the website in order to eliminate confusion for site visitors.


A fresh, vibrant website has been created for Common Ground Queensland. The colours used throughout the site and branding represent a sense of hope for those in need, shedding light onto what is often a marginalised issue in Australia. Residents are now proud to be a part of the outstanding community that is Common Ground Queensland.