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Submission Management Webinar

Throughout her career, Kerri has won over $15 billion worth of tenders. In this session, she will explain the winning formula for submission management. 


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As we all race to keep up with novel ways to communicate – videos, podcasts, infographics and gifs – have we forgotten about the humble written word?


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We’re always ready to share our knowledge to help buisinesses big and small with their marketing. If you missed our latest edition you can catch up here.


Free Tender Webinars available

Ever wanted to discover the winning formula for tenders?  We’ve won contracts for some of the largest companies in Australia, learn how we do it here.


Free Marketing Webinars

Our free professional communication and marketing webinars provide you with practical tips on business branding, communications and much more.


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Receive a personalised website review with a recommended action plan on how to improve your user experience, increase leads and conversion.


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Tips on writing website copy

As a journalist who has written for both print publications and online content, I’ve found the difference between print and web content is actually the reader. You see a print reader is generally...

Setting up Teams Live for webinars

2020 has been quite a year for me. We moved back to Australia from the UK at the end of 2019, so 2020 was about settling the children in to school and then looking for work. I started work with...

Building your online community

Being heavily involved in marketing and social media, there is one sentence I hear more than any other – “how do I build my following?” Now, while I encourage people NOT to focus on the numbers, we...

How to tell if your website needs a revamp?

We’ve all experienced that frustrating feeling of landing on a website and not being able to find the information we’re looking for. Maybe the links are broken, the content is arranged in such a way...

Take a closer look at your website

Most of the world, now confined to their homes, are leaning on the internet more than ever. Be it online shopping, media consumption, webinars, eLearning or business services, one thing is for...

Thin your printing costs!

Tired of high printing costs? Here are some tips of the trade to avoid the pit falls of the printing industry. The land of print can be difficult to navigate and very costly too. Below are some...

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